Website Development

If you’re interested in having a simple, clean, effective web presence, I can help you. I offer this service because I enjoy developing websites, helping people and organizations to publish their thoughts and services. I’ve included this service on this site for now. If I should expand it and move it to another location, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I’ve developed a few websites over the years, using different software applications. Along the way I’ve collected tidbits, tips, tricks, and tools that have helped me to streamline my website development process.

My site development specialty is clean code to showcase your messgage clearly and efficiently.

What I offer includes:

  • New site from the ground up
  • Updates to your current site¹
  • One page
  • Many pages
  • A little JavaScript and PHP for larger sites
  • Wordpress Blog included in your static site
  • A Wordpress Blog to use as your website

How I can Help

Together, you and I will determine what will be your best website presence. You may need or want a static site, or a blog, or both. You and I will team up to get the details ironed out. I will deliver you a website in short order.

Some of the things we’ll discuss include:

  • What you have in place already
  • What you want your website to do for you
  • How you want to interact with the web presence
  • How much you want to learn

You could have your new site up and running in as fast as a week from the date I actually start building it. How fast depends on what you have ready for the site, the size and what special site requirements you may have.

Tools of the Trade

My websites are coded in HTML and CSS with some PHP and JavaScript for sites with more than three pages. Following are the details of the tools I use.

  • Notepad++, Komodo Edit, HTML-Kit, KompoZer, code editors
  • Filezilla, for document uploads
  • Corel Draw, for minor graphic designes
  • Corel Photo-Paint, for minor image editing and optimization

I choose my tools as suits me, sometimes depending on what stage of the project I’m in. I rarely use KompoZer. I only added it because it was suggested as a great forms editor. So far, I’ve not used it much but I am learning it. If that’s your preference, I’ll study faster.

If you’re interested in developing your own websites, here’s a tip: All the above code editor applications are FREE or have a FREE version available as of the writing of this web page. You can try one at a time or use several, like I do. They each leave files fully in tact, fully accessible to whichever application you want to work in.

The Rest of the Story

Please scroll down to see some of the work I’ve done. Then, when you’re ready for a free, no obligation quote, contact me with your requirements.

I hope we can work together to set up the web presence you need.

Website Portfolio

Websites are easy to build if you have the inclination and the time. If you don’t, scroll down to see how I might help you. It would be my pleasure to work with you to establish your website presence.

Some Website Building Information

  • Sites built using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript templates (dropdown menus, audio), and PHP coding. Blogs are set up on the WordPress platform. Some JavaScript codes used for dropdown menus are from Dynamic Drive DHTML libraries.
  • Audio code used for embedding sound comes from WordPress Audio Player adapted for static websites
  • All blogs I set up are Wordpress blogs. Some customization is possible depending on the theme used. The blog, related to this site, is customized "Office Themes" from Themocracy.
  • Specifically, I don’t use tables or spacer .gif images to layout your Website. No imaged text for pages, unless required for some reason. Tables are used for data, not formatting.

For more about the software used for our Website designs, the tools section has more information. After you’ve seen everything here, send your questions or requests, and we can get started on your project.

The Word 'Mage

Site: The Word 'Mage
Static website built using PHP to include certain repetitive page elements.

The Word 'Mage Blog

Site: The Word 'Mage Blog
Customized WordPress blog adjusting graphics and colors to coordinate with the static site.

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¹Updates to your current site: Updates are possible if your site is built with current standards of XHTML and CSS. Some indicators that you may need a newly built website include: no DOCTYPE declaration, use of imaged text, use of spacer .GIF files, tables for layout instead of CSS.