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Details, Details

I hope you’ve reached this page because you are interested in working with me. Since the work I do is in collaboration with you, a good place to begin is for you to contact me with your project requirements.

If you have questions before you decied, please email me or call during the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday, for a prompt response. Please note also that I am in Houston, TX which is CST.


Once I have your project details, I can provide you with a quote. Or I can work up a flat fee for the project, as you prefer.

Initial project assessment do not obligate you or me in any way. It will simply help me to prepare a quote for you.

Quotes are not final costs, but estimates based on the information you provide. As your project develops, you requirements may change. Significant changes, once your project is underway or complete, may impact the final cost to you.

Whenever possible, any additional costs will be agreed upon by both parties before work is completed.


You and I are setting up a contractual arrangement for work I do. Unless otherwise established, this will not be a project management arrangement. Nor will it be an employer-employee arrangement, meaning there are no benefits expected other than financial compensation for work I do.

Payment is accepted through PayPal™ only, a secure and expeditious payment method. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to pay using this method. You can click the PayPal logo below to learn more about their services.

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The Rest of the Story

  • Corrections of my work are made at NO CHARGE
  • Minor revisions completed ONCE at NO CHARGE
  • Changes you make, which require revisions to the project, will incur charges (minimum charge of ½ hour)
  • Payments are due on receipt of invoices
    • Larger projects can be paid in partial payments at milestones throughout the process
  • Your final invoice will be sent with your completed materials, or shortly after.

First-Time Clients

  • A minimum deposit of 30% of the projected fee is required

Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation after work is begun incurs a kill fee depending on how much of the work is done, which may or may not be covered by deposits and other payments.
  • Cancellation before work is begun incurs no fee.

Rates and terms are negotiable, mostly. Email me with your preferences.

A Letter of Agreement listing the project details and cost will be sent for your signature. Work begins once signed agreement is received by me. Also, I will be happy to sign your NDA.

For print documents, and where appropriate, I request a copy of your final publication for my portfolio.

I know talented people with whom I can put you in contact, for website work outside of what I do and graphic designs. This would be strictly in a networking capacity, unless otherwise agreed upon.


You need not connect with me if work is not legal, or if you’re generally surly, dishonest, or otherwise difficult to work with.

The small bold print: ‘Rates & Terms’ page is effective from February, 2010.