Publishing is the order of business here. Publishing is the action of making known or announcing.¹ Whether you write for websites, blogs, newsletters or other media, if your goal is to share it with others, you’re publishing. It is why many writers write: to inform, argue, and entertain, for others to read and act. It’s the reason I write.

Let me know if you need any help with your writing projects. You are welcome to email me with any questions or comments you may have.

Along with commercial writing, I’ve published some creative writing around the web and in print. As that list grows, I will add to my list here. I’m working on adding to this list in 2011. Following is the list of sites that have published my writing.

Where I’m Published

I have had my writing included in two publishing sites, specifically Scribd and Issuu. Below are the publications where my work is included. Also included here is the link to my website portfolio, a portal to some websites I’ve built.

My Blogs

Latest Word ‘Mage Blog Posts

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Making it Easy to get Paid

When I decided to freelance more regularly, I knew it was important to make it really easy to receive funds. A key to that is to have a process that’s as painless as possible for the payee. I know there are other more productive activities to invest my time. And the same is true for [...]

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¹Publish: 1. to make publicly known; announce. 2. to issue (a printed work) for sale. From Webster’s New World Compact Desk Dictionary and Style Guide, ©2002 Wiley Publishing, Inc.

²NOTE: I don’t believe Houston History magazine regularly publishes issues online through Scribd. This issue on Scribd was posted by former Houston mayor Bill White during his 2010 gubernatorial run.