Shari Smothers has been fascinated with poetry ever since she wrote her first school poem for a Black History class project. Shari doesn’t remember the exact words of the poem, but she does remember talking about abolition and teaching and the freedom trail. In her poem, she wove together words to tell, in rhyme, the stories of prominent figures in history, including Harriet Tubman and Martin Luther King, Jr. Today, she writes with the same fascination and delight with words, to share her impressions of how life engages her. Be it air, flowers, rain, a parking lot.

She rarely rhymes these days. But whatever the rhythm, whether or not rhymes are included, she brings forth her verses, to share and entertain her reading audience. Whatever dances before her, gets her to the page, Shari will try to write it out.

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Pebbles in My Shoes

Pebbles in My Shoes

Following are poems from Pebbles in My Shoes, © 2004 that I’ve posted on my creative writing blog,Telling Stories. I used these poems online as part of my National Poetry Month 2008 writing. The online editions include backstories that are not in the book.

Please visit the links above to read some of the poems posted on the site. Then, I hope you’ll return to this page to order your copy of Pebbles in My Shoes today. You’ll be glad you did.

From the back cover:

In her first collection of poems, Shari Lynne Smothers shares her celebration of faith, family, friends and other life stuff. As in the poem Broke. Shari demonstrates her affinity for holding moments, comfortable and not, to take all she can from them. She spins these moments, revealing the obtuse angles, and refines them with the chisel of her unique perspective. She delivers poetry that is at once fresh and familiar.

With this book you are introduced to a talented poet who is sharing what she writes for the pleasure of writing. You’re invited. Step inside the world according to Shari and enjoy.

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