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Communication is a critical piece of living and working effectively today, as, we are well into the Information Age. My mission is to help people say what they need to say, effectively and clearly in their endeavors to inform and persuade. The Word ‘Mage website is my avenue to help those in need of my services to reach me. Through this website you can see many of the services I offer, and then contact me with your needs.

Writing Services

When you ask me to write for you, we will collaborate on the project. I will work closely with you to craft documents that will advance your brand and get the results you’re seeking. Whether you’re offering goods or services, or educating your readers, you can get it said by The Word ‘Mage.

Your writing and editing needs are why I’m here. I work at editing and writing because it’s a pleasure and a passion. Becaues words matter.

Website Development

An added service now offered is website development. This development work has been focused on helping small businesses, organizations, and individuals to establish their website presence. If you are in the market for a clean, professional website at reasonable rates, this service is for you.

Website development is not simply a logical addition to advance the mission of sharing information. It provides the vehicle to reach more people, expanding your audience in very nearly real time.

About: Shari Smothers

Shari Smothers, Writer, Editor, Website Developer

Hi! I’m Shari Smothers. I’m a writer with more than fifteen years business writing experience. I’ve been a creative writer for even longer. I enjoy helping people develope and prepare their messages to their audiences.

I help people to say what they want to say, the way they mean to say it. You want to be clear and persuasive. I want to help.

I’ve drafted offer letters, introduction letters, ad copy, web content, newsletters, memos and so much more. Since writing and editing have been a lynchpin task of my different jobs, it makes sense to focus on writing for my freelancing work.

Loving it doesn’t hurt, either.

Visit my publications page to see my collected writing locations.

Website development is another job I really enjoy. Take a look at my portfolio. I would be delighted to hear from you if there is anything I can help you with.

Updated November, 2011

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